Reena Sharma's book 'Chinta Chhayan' released

Oct 18, 2023 - 08:34
Oct 18, 2023 - 08:35
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Reena Sharma's book 'Chinta Chhayan' released
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Distinguished film critic Pranntik Deka provides insightful commentary on the recent publication of the literary work titled 'Chinta Chhayan' authored by Reena Sharma.


"A book release means the birth of a new child," said noted writer-dramatist Jiten Sharma. In the context of his speech, he also said that just as a child's mind is like a blank slate when it's born, similarly, readers can find many new and interesting facts in a book.

A new book – 'Chinta Chayan', authored by Reena Sharma, was formally released by Jiten Sharma at the Chandraprabha Saikiani Bhawan in Guwahati Club, recently. The release function started with the lighting of the traditional lamp by Khirada Devi. Before the book launch, Gita Devi performed a traditional Vandana. It is worth mentioning that 'Chinta Chayan' is the second book of author Reena Sharma. 

Senior journalist Santanu Kausik Baruah, noted guest and president of greater Birkuchi Sahitya Sabha Sashadhar Deka were the keynote speakers at the book release function. All the guests, while wishing Sharma all the best for her future projects, urged her to devote herself in earnest to her literary endeavours, and keep readers engaged. Several other people also spoke on the occasion.

A number of members of the greater Birkuchi Sahitya Sabha were present at the book release function anchored by Pritima Kausik Baruah.

In the end, Murchana Kaushik offered her vote of thanks. The book is published by B & M Publishers and Printers.




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