Tridib Lahon's film, Bondhu is an inclusive film about friendship amongst individuals of all sexual orientations. 

The film captures the exhilaration, spontaneity, and lack of responsibility that characterises the college experience.

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Nov 6, 2022 - 16:09
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Tridib Lahon's film, Bondhu is an inclusive film about friendship amongst individuals of all sexual orientations. 
Film Poster: Bondhu

Bondhu is a film aimed at the youth generation, particularly college students, so if you're feeling tired, stretch your legs, settle in with some popcorn, and watch it. Feelings of rejuvenation and laughter will wash over you as you watch this film.

The film captures the exuberance, laughter, and carefree attitude of college days through the eyes of three friends: Rishi, Akash, and Sem. It also highlights their relationships with their classmates Hiranya and Kajuri, as well as their new acquaintance Jyoti and Tanisha. The film's focus remains on the friendship, despite the love story- Rishi- Tanisha and Akash- Jyoti - that is interwoven throughout the plot.

The film begins with Rishi driving in the present day with his daughter, who describes his days at National College. The narrative shifts back and forth between the past and the present. Rishi, Akash, and Sem, who hail from diverse family backgrounds, enrol in a new college called National College. They sneak out of class, make fun of the lecturers, and engage in brawls with the seniors. The film is all about jaunty life in college days. In addition to its storyline, the film has all the ingredients of a popular film: song, dance, fight sequences, and romance, ensuring that it will captivate today's youth.

Ibsan Lal Baruah, one of the finest lyricists in India, is credited for the lyrics of the songs, which will transport the audience back to their college days. "Bhagor Bujike Napalu/ Kandhot Prithivi Dangilu" is a worldwide ode to the hopes and desires of the youthful college students. These lyrics have given the film an additional boost in popularity.

A loose resemblance to the Hindi film 3 Idiots exists, despite the fact that the filmmaker makes no acknowledgement of the source material whatsoever in the film. Bondhu's depiction of the three friends, the principal, the theft of an examination question paper, etc., has some parallels to the plot of 3 Idiots. The film provides only a brief look of Sem's family background, but provides no background information on the two main protagonists, Rishi and Akash. There were three instances in the film where emotion could have been built to a crescendo: Sem's breakdown when he realises he can't complete the forms for the final exam; Sem's breakdown in the bathroom; and Rishi's parting speech at the college's graduation ceremony.

The film does not address the flawed educational system in any way; instead, it focuses on the genuine friendship that exists in colleges. Despite its limitations, Bondhu will give the audience a fresh perspective on the popular film genre.

Film: Bondhu

Director: Tridip Lahon

Cast: Nayan Nilim, Vivek Bora, Bonny Deori, Rachana Dashrath.

Release Date: 4 November, 2022

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