The much-awaited music video 'Xur Tumi' released !

'Xur Tumi' is developed as a result of friendship and good collaboration, writes film critic Prantik Deka

Nov 24, 2022 - 18:25
Nov 24, 2022 - 18:41
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The much-awaited music video 'Xur Tumi' released !
Image: Ravi Sarma

'Xur Tumi', an Assamese video song rendered by popular actor of Assamese cinema Ravi Sarma, has been garnering a lot of praise and appreciation from the viewers ever since it got released on the YouTube channel. Presented by Pranati Music, the song written by Tirthank is composed by Pradyut Baruah and musically scored by Bibhuti Gogoi. 'Xur Tumi' is developed as a result of friendship and good collaboration. Tirthank's song writing has brought a fresh perspective to the romantic number, which spans a spectrum of emotions, and has brought the best out of Ravi Sarma. The songwriter had tasted a good deal of success and appreciation last year with 'Xuworoni', where Zubeen Garg rendered his voice and it was composed by Pradyut Baruah. This time around, too, the result has been fantastic, with the song “Xur Tumi” emotionally appealing to the listeners. A lot of compliments and words of encouragement have been coming in from fans and music aficionados on the YouTube channel. The exceptional notations and wordings reflect Tirthank’s talent once again after 'Xuworoni'. This song has been rendered with wonderful expression and insight by Ravi Sarma. It will most definitely rejuvenate Ravi’s latent singing talent. The collaborative effort of everyone involved in the project has definitely played a crucial role in its success.

The song's production designers are Surajit Deka and Binod Nath. While the music video's cinematography has been done by Rupam Roy Choudhury and Jayanta Deka, the editing has been carried out by Hrishikesh. The song was recorded at Zeero DB Studio in Guwahati.


About the author: Prantik Deka is a film critic based in Assam.

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