Jatin Bora is Back with Assamese blockbuster 'Raghav' set for release on October 27

Oct 8, 2023 - 12:13
Oct 8, 2023 - 12:14
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Jatin Bora is Back with Assamese blockbuster  'Raghav' set for release on October 27
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In his analysis, film critic Prantik Deka provides insights on the forthcoming Assamese film titled 'Raghav', which is scheduled to be released on October 27th.



After the blockbuster hit 'Ratnakar', Jatin Bora is now all set to captivate audiences with his enormous acting skills and charm with the much anticipated film 'Raghav', which will hit the screens on October 27. Produced by Navanita Sharma Bora under the banner of JB Productions, the movie, helmed by Jatin Bora himself, promises to be just as entertaining and action-packed as 'Ratnakar'.

The film narrates the touching story of a taxi driver and a devoted family man, who always strives to share his love with his parents, son and brother. Wherever he goes, he spreads joy and happiness. He is someone who always keeps his problems and worries to himself, and selflessly sacrifices his time and energy for others.


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Things were going so well and then all of a sudden, his world collapsed and things turned upside down. In spite of sacrificing so much, people use his hard work and honesty to satisfy their own urges and selfish interests.

Beset by a sea of problems, he undergoes a radical transformation. Devoid of any emotions or feelings, he turns vengeful against the society, against those people, who have trampled over his kindness.

But by growing his capacity for compassion, he understands the importance of his relationships, and what brings meaning to one’s life.

People can easily empathize with Jatin Bora's character that struggles to find a balance among his love, responsibility, and dreams.

The film promises to take the audience on a roller-coaster ride of emotions with its gripping storyline, power-packed performances and action sequences.

'Raghav' contains some of the most high-octane action sequences ever filmed in Assamese cinema that would keep audiences coming back for more. The meticulously planned and executed action sequences were shot under the direction of well-known South Indian action experts.

Bora strictly adhered to a workout plan to stay in good shape throughout the strenuous shoot, as the role demanded him to be physically tough and energetic.

Despite the years that have passed, Jatin Bora's magnetism remains unshaken, which is a testament to his enduring charm. The indefatigable artiste has made an enormous impact on the Assamese film industry, inspiring filmmakers, countless actors and writers who have tried to emulate his style in their works. He has brought a sense of charisma and charm to the roles, whether it's action, comedy or drama.

The song 'Silmil Tupanite' from the film has already taken the internet by storm, with over 1 million views on YouTube. More recently, another song, the emotional 'Maa O Maa' is generating tremendous responses from the viewers on YouTube.

'Raghav's promotional campaign has already begun in earnest. The unit, comprising its cast and crew, has been touring the nook and corners of the state, campaigning vigorously.

Jatin Bora has invested a lot of money on the big-budget project, leaving no stone unturned in making a quality entertainer. It's a reflection of JB Production's commitment to keep audiences entertained, engaged and astounded.

If the recent successes of Assamese films is anything to go by, the current environment is really fantastic for movies. With the rapid rise in audience attendance, things couldn't get any better for the film industry at the moment.

'Raghav's cast of artistes include Mridula Boruah, Hiranya Deka, Nishita Goswami, Sumi Borah, Bibhuti Bhusan Hazarika, Chinmoy Kotoki, Jivittesh Mazumdaar, Antariksh Sahariah among others. The film's story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Abhijit Bhattacharjya. The music is directed by Zubeen Garg, who is also the film's music producer. The lyrics to the songs, rendered by Zubeen Garg, Shanta Uzir, Mahalaxmi Iyar, Zublee and Prabin Borah, are written by Zubeen Garg, Diganta Bharati and Rahul Gautam Sarma. Cinematographed by Pradip Daimary, 'Raghav's aerial photography has been done by Joydeep Poul. The film's high voltage action scenes are directed by Rajesh Kannan, sound has been designed by Debajit Changmai and Amrit Pritam, art direction is by Jyoti Shankar Bhattacharyya, while Rajesh Yadav is the DI colourist, costumes and production has been designed by Navanita Sharma Bora, editing and visual promotions are executed by Protim Khaound, choreography of songs is by Pankaj Ingti and Deepak Dey, makeup is by Biswajit Kalita, and the production manager's job is handled by Monuj Kumar Mishra. On the other hand, the film's team of assistant directors are Arindom Kashyap, Anindita Kalita, Bhargab Adhyapak, Surajit Phukan and Abhijit Chutia. 






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