Whispers of Earth and Soul: Review of ‘Abohomaan (A SAGA Narrative)’

Written by Indranil Gayan and directed by Arindam Barooah, the cast of Abohomaan includes Achinta Raj Kashyap and Bidisha Kashyap.

Dec 28, 2023 - 14:22
Dec 28, 2023 - 14:23
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Whispers of Earth and Soul: Review of ‘Abohomaan (A SAGA Narrative)’
A still from Abohomaan

Abohomaan, directed by Arindam Barooah and written by Indranil Gayan, can be described as a visual representation of poetry, which is very much like their previous film Naoka. Despite the distinct contexts of both the two films, one centered around identity and the other around nature, common themes emerge and overlap. While connections to nature can also be found in the sub-text of Naoka, Abohomaan too delves into identity and the intricate connections between the two.

Beyond the surface beauty of the lyrical imagery and nature metaphors, this film excavates the profound depths of our connection to the natural world. Nature explodes in vibrant shades of meaning. Trees become confidantes, their rustling leaves whispering secrets of existence. The earth itself transforms into a white ant-hill, an intricate maze of tunnels where the speaker confronts the complexities of life, not as an observer, but as a participant, becoming one with the very essence of nature.

Abohomaan transcends mere environmentalism, urging us to recognize the web of interdependency that binds us to the natural world. By personifying nature and highlighting its cyclical journey, the film provokes introspection and awakens a deep sense of responsibility. It is a reminder that true understanding of ourselves lies in recognizing our place within the vast, ever-changing canvas of nature.

Inevitably, a gentle comparison arises between the films, Naoka and Abohomaan, revealing a subtle thread of thematic continuity that invites contemplation on the filmmakers' vision and artistic depth. Despite certain differences in visual aesthetics, both Naoka and Abohomaan also share a recurring visual tempo and motifs such as smoke and water ripples, creating a consistent visual language in both the films.  While the repetition carries a certain allure, one can’t help but envision the duo pushing the boundaries, introducing audiences to a refreshing narratives. The cast of Abohomaan includes Achinta Raj Kashyap and Bidisha Kashyap.

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