Assamese film: Nellier Kotha (The Nellie Story)

Jul 17, 2023 - 09:28
Jul 17, 2023 - 19:02
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Assamese film: Nellier Kotha (The Nellie Story)
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The Nellie Story (Nellier Kotha- 2023) is a new Assamese film, which has been written, directed, and produced by Parthajit Baruah. The film is based on the Nellie Massacre of February 18, 1983. Arghadeep Barua performs the leading character in the film. The director, Baruah, has participated in numerous international seminars, including those held at London, Queen's University, Ireland, Dubai, and the University of Edinburgh, where he did research. He has also authored notable film books such as "Face to Face: The Cinema of Adoor Gopalakrishnan" (HarperCollins) and "Jyotiprasad, Joymoti, Indramalati and Beyond: History of Assamese Cinema." Prior to embarking on the production of a film addressing the sensitive topic of the Nellie Massacre, Baruah conducted extensive research on the subject. Baruah did his Masters in English literature, followed by his M.Phil ( Film Adaptation: Shakespeare on Celluloid). His PhD topic is "Film and Literature: Shakespeare in Indian Cinema". Noted Indian veteran film-maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan says, “ Parthajit Baruah belongs to that new generation of film critic and scholarly film historian who make Assamese people proud of their hoary heritage be it in cinema or culture in general…”


 Image: Arghadeep Barua and Dhananjoy Debnath

The film centres around Rajiv Pator, a doctoral candidate at Gauhati University, who embarks on a research expedition to the remote villages of Nellie. These villages are predominantly inhabited by Muslims and are of particular interest due to their association with the tragic events that unfolded on February 18, 1983. This incident, commonly referred to as the Nellie massacre, represents a significant and sombre episode in the sociopolitical chronicles of Assam.


 Image: Dhananjoy Debnath, Swagata Bharali and Boishnavi Bora

The aim of Rajiv is to ascertain the veracity of the events that occurred. Upon his visit to the site, four decades subsequent to the tragic event, Rajiv becomes cognisant of the diligent nature exhibited by the deceased Muslims who fell victim to the massacre. Furthermore, he becomes aware of their concerted endeavours to assimilate into the Assamese community.


 Image: Mohendra Das and Arghadeep Barua

By observing the Muslim children in the villages, he was able to perceive the inherent innocence and spiritual purity reflected in their gaze. Furthermore, the study conducted by the researcher reveals a distinct veracity and actuality that deviates from the commonly acknowledged narrative of the incident. Nevertheless, there were still numerous truths about Nellie that remained undiscovered by him.


 Image: Arghadeep Barua and Dhananjoy Debnath


Details of Cast and Crew



Story, screenplay and direction: Parthajit Baruah

Produced by Parthajit Baruah

Banner: Sunlit Studio

Director of Photography: Sumon Dowerah

Editing: Hirak Jyoti Pathak

Sound Design and Mixing: Debajit Gayan

Colour Grading: Rajesh Yadav

Music: Daneil Engty

 Image: Boishnavi Bora

Cast Rajiv Pator: Arghadeep Barua

 Prof. Amrita Chakravarty: Dr Asha Kuthari Chaudhuri

Gayatri Baruah: Sunayana Dutta

Shopkeeper: Samar Jyoti Sarkar

Dr. Akash Plabon: Minntu Baruah

Fan Girl: Disha Hazarika

Rajiv’s Mother: Bina Pator

Rubeda: Boishnavi Bora

Teacher: Sanjivani Bora

Head Teacher: Tuntun Sarmah

Ilias: Dhanajay Debnath

Rubeda’s Mother: Swagata Bharali

Jatiya Bidyalaya Lady Teacher: Tridisha R. Parashar

Headmaster: Sudarshan Nath

Thaneswari Dewri: Royonti Rabha

Thaneswari Dewri’s Husband: Ramesh Borah

Thaneswari Dewri’s Friend 1: Susmita Saikia

Friend 2: Durba Deka

Friend 3: Madhavi Dekaraja

Rashid: Logi Lakshya Saikia

Rashid’s Friend-1: Amir Hussein

Rashid’s Friend -2: Ashradul Islam

Circle Officer 1: Parag Tamuli

Circle Officer 2: Mrinnmoy Borah

Lady Shopkeeper: Minakshi Hazarika

Debajit Lador: Mahendra Das

Debajit Ladur’s Neighbour: Tapan Bordoloi

Neighbour’s wife: Chandika Bordoloi

Tiwa Villager: Bitopan Bordoloi

Village Head: Sapunti Bordoloi

Second Village Head: Pabitra Ladur

PhD Students: 1. Shivangi Bordoloi

                        2. Jimli Deka

                        3.Dhritismita Sarma

                        4. Bhaswati Borgohain

                        5. Partharanjan Sonowal

Image: Royonty Rabha, Susmita Saikia , Boishnavi and other


Playing Scene Actors:                     

 Shahidul Haque

Moktabir Haque

Rashid Ali

Afrina Begum

Mehmuda Begum

Nazia Javed

Shoib Ashridul

Riazul Nekib Ali

Syed Riaz

Buddin Ali

Nazeun Haque Alam Haque


Image: Sudarson Nath

Crew Chief AD: Neel Barman

                        1st AD : Lakshya Jyoti Saikia

                        2nd AD: Sanjivani Bora

                        3nd AD : Rupam Saikia

                        4th AD: Arif Hussain Mir

Sound Effects Editor: Debajit Gayan, Khanin Roy

Location Recordist: Nayan Jyoti Bhuyan

                        Bishal Nath

                        Rajtilak Deka

Assistant Location Recordists:                1. Dimbeswar Bora

                                                                2. Abhijit Gogoi

                                                                3. Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta

                                                                4. Suman Kashyap

Image: Tridisha Parashar

Foley Recordist: Rohan Yadav

Foley Artist: Rajat Jaiswal

Assist. Sound Effect: Rajesh Kalita

Focus Puller: Atul Swargiary

Karbi folk instruments:  Daniel Engty: Kum Dengdong /Krongchui (Jaws harp)/ Guitars & various instruments.

Thong Timung : Chenkpi (Big drums)/Chenk Buruk (Small drums)/ Kum Li-eng /Chenkso Basanta Rongphar: Guitars

Tiwa folk instruments Pradyut Lalung : Bahi (Bamboo flute) Pratim Pator : Kharam Prokhanta Pator: Pepa Kartik Dekaraja: Taal

 Flute: Pranjal Borah (End Scene)

 Image: Boishnavi Bora, Swagata Bharali, Dhanannjoy Debnath, Parag Tamuli and Mrinmoy

Assistant Editors: Gautam Baruah

                             Mrinnmoy Kalita

Behind The Scene: Nitish Kashyap

Calligraphy Title: Gokul Talukdar

Logo graphics: Upam

Production Contyroller:    Deepjyoti Kakoty,

                                                Himangshu Kakoty,

                                                Hemanta Baidya,

                                                Gautam Nath

Image: Lakshya

Conformist: Nitin Singh

Transporting: Abhijit Das, Kakoty Khura, Phaninda Borah, Nijam Ali

Cook: Rupan Senapati

Additional Dialogue: Pranjal Kumar Mahanta

Subtitle: Parthajit Baruah

Location Sound Equipment and Sound Post : Bluebird Audio

Foley Studio: Foley House

Camera Equipments: NE MediaBank, Mridul Sarma

Camera Attendants: Babloo, Kishore

Locations: Nellie Villages, Guwahati University

Script Consultant: Khanjan Kishore Nath

Special Thanks: MONJUL BARUAH

Image: Royonty Rabha


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