Arnab Goswami's words spark criticism

Parthajit Baruah, the editor of North East Film Journal ,provides a response to the remark made by Arnab Goswami, the editor-in-chief of Republic TV, on Kopil Bora.

Dec 31, 2023 - 20:19
Dec 31, 2023 - 20:27
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Arnab Goswami's words spark criticism
Image: Kopil Bora

At an event in Guwahati, Arnab Goswami, the editor-in-chief of Republic TV, commended the anchor of the show. However, he failed to recognise that the anchor was none other than Kopil Bora, a prominent figure in Assamese cinema who has made significant contributions. Goswami invited him to become a member of Republic TV.  However, his remarks on Kopil Bora have generated disapproval from the film enthusiasts of Assam. Goswami's comments have been heavily criticised for his failure to acknowledge Kopil Bora, a well-established actor in the Assamese film industry for over three decades. It is quite regrettable that Goswami did not acknowledge Kopil. Goswami stated:  "There is a man who has a beautiful voice. I forgot his name, I think one of the best anchors I have seen. I am glad he is not in the television the gentleman who introduced me--ha...ha Kopil,  Kopil Bora. If you ever want to take up another profession please join television. I will give you I'll give you a job in I'll give you a job in Republic in any day, but I feel very proud of Kopil at the way you spoke the way when I see it your expression absolutely world class fantastic"


For Mr. Goswami, I would like to say something about Kopil Bora. Kopil Bora, a renowned personality in the Assamese cinema industry, is acclaimed for his exceptional acting skills and versatility. His compelling and influential performances have captivated viewers and secured him a distinct position in Assamese film as well as in India. Some of his notable film performances include "Gun Gun Gane Gane" (2002), "Mon" (2002), "Bidhata" (2003), "Bukuwe Bisare" (2004), "Astaraag" (2005), "Ahir Bhairav" (2007), "Kadambari" (2008), "Jeevan Baator Logori" (2009), "Jetuka Pator Dore" (2013), "Dwaar" (2014), "Ajeyo" (2015), "Morisika" (2016), "Kothanodi" (2016), and "The Government Servant" (2023). Moreover, he won multiple awards and one of them was the BEST ACTOR'S AWARD at the1st Filmfare  Award  (EAST)  for his performance in Bidyut Chakravarty's "DWAAR ".

 Kopil Bora has performed in several theatrical productions. A noteworthy production is "Narakor Gopan Kakhyat" performed at Rabindra Bhawan in Guwahati. The play was a rendition of Jean-Paul Sartre's "In Camera," originally written in French. In another theatrical production, he portrayed a courageous character grappling with the complexities of his non-conforming sexual orientation. Additionally, he served as the assistant director of the play "Agnibristi," in which he portrayed the protagonist. This play was an adaptation of Girish Karnad's renowned work, The Fire and the Rain. He performed in an eight-episode Hindi mini-series called "Manushi" on television, which was directed by Sanjib Hazarika for Doordarshan.

 Bora's capacity to depict a diverse array of individuals with profoundness and genuineness has distinguished him as an exceptionally extraordinary talent. Irrespective of whether he is depicting strong drama, humour, or love parts, his dedication to his profession is evident in every performance. His unwavering commitment to his craft and his significant impact on Assamese film have not only provided entertainment to viewers but also enhanced the cultural abundance of the area. Bora's on-screen charisma and his ability to convey profound emotions via his characters have effectively shown the wide range and profound nature of Assamese narrative.

Not only has his work had a lasting effect on the film industry, but it has also served as a source of inspiration and influence for aspiring performers in the area. Kopil Bora's exceptional skill and fervour for his craft have made him an indispensable figure in Assamese film, having an enduring impact on both the film world and the viewers.

The remarkable prowess exhibited by Kopil Bora in his craft, coupled with his steadfast dedication to his vocation, has undeniably solidified his position as a revered and esteemed figure within the Assamese film industry. Moreover, his invaluable contributions consistently enrich the cultural tapestry of Assam.


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